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Legal Advice Guide

Since writing Edition One of ‘The Barrister’s Guide to your Personal Injury Claim’ Julian has written a number of articles on chronic pain and personal injury law.

Journal of Observational Pain Medicine

The Journal of Observational Pain Medicine is a peer reviewed online journal covering the clinical, ethical and psychological impact of pain.  This series of five articles published in 2014 and co-written by Julian with three eminent clinicians aims to assist members of the public to understand litigation in relation to chronic pain.

You can read the articles on the Journal of Observational Pain Medicine website, or view the articles here:

Compensation Claims Relating to Chronic Pain

Cambridge Medico-Legal Conference

Julian has been involved in the Cambridge Medico-Legal Conference for the last couple of years as a speaker and session Chair.  This article from the 2013 conference was published in the Journal for Observational Pain Medicine  in 2014.  You can read it here:

A cautionary tale of duty and temptation in compensation litigation

Solicitors Journal

Launched in 1856, the Solicitors Journal is a trusted source of information for thousands of solicitors, barristers and other legal professionals.  This article by Julian was published in October 2014 – read it online in the Solicitors Journal or read it here:

Grumpy Reflections from the PI Bar