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A fully bound book version of a Barrister’s Guide to Your Personal Injury Claim is available to buy from Amazon for £8.99 or there is a Kindle verson downloadable for £6.33.

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This A4 downloadable version of the guide, which comprises 120 pages, is free for individuals, but only on the basis that it is for their own use (ie in connection with a claim they are making, or a claim they are helping a friend or family member to make) and that they do not photocopy the guide, which is covered by copyright. By downloading the free version of the guide, you are agreeing to these terms.

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The law changes quickly, particularly in the case of personal injury claims. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, the author has updated the guide to include changes in the law andor the rules governing claims.

The PDF below contains the most recent up-date to the guide.  The guide is written in numbered paragraphs, so that it’s easy to identify where the changes should be applied to the Amazon, Kindle or downloaded version of the guide.

You must refer to the update to keep your edition of the guide up-to-date.

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