Exploding Legal Myths

Exploding legal Myths
Many individuals think (and some are encouraged to think) that an injury claim is a highly complicated process, which only lawyers can understand, and in which the injured person should essentially ‘do as they are told’ and ‘accept what they are told to accept’.

In fact, the vast majority of the process is common sense. Most individuals who are given the relevant information are well able to understand – and participate in – the process.

The key problem is that the legal process is unfamiliar and can seem daunting. The guide provides clear, detailed information so that individuals:

  • know what to expect, and understand the process;
  • have confidence to participate in the claim with their representatives;
  • can raise any concerns with their representatives as the claim progresses.

That way, their representatives will be better placed to provide an excellent service and to maximise the prospects of achieving more successful conclusions through negotiation, with lower legal costs and less delays.

The guide is not intended to endorse, or indeed criticise, any particular legal representatives. Its job is to inform the public and promote professional standards among lawyers.

The need for a guide

In over 20 years working for injured individuals and for insurance companies, I have seen many claims being badly handled and many claimants who have been poorly advised. Bad handling and poor advice almost inevitably leads to bad results for the injured person (e.g. a low settlement), coupled with long delays and high legal costs.

By contrast, a well handled claim and good quality advice promotes sensible, reasonable, and early settlements, which in turn keeps legal costs down. It is critical that an injured person understands the process and can be sure (at an extremely difficult time) that they are receiving a thoroughly professional service.

Many legal representatives already provide a thoroughly professional service to their client. However, others do not.