Useful Links and Legal Resources

Legal Advice Guide

A number of organisations are mentioned in the guide:

Bodies which regulate lawyers

All of the following organisations are explained in the guide:

  • The Law Society regulates solicitor’s professional conduct
  • The Standards Board regulates the professional conduct of barristers
  • Institute of Legal Executives regulates the professional conduct of legal executives
  • Middle Temple is one of the four ‘Inns of Court’. In order to practice as a barrister, men and women are required to pass formal examinations at the ‘Inns Of Court School of Law’ (or one of the other approved academic institutions), and to be ‘called to the bar’ at one of the four historic ‘Inns’. The author of the guide is a member of Middle Temple, and the Middle Temple website provides a fascinating insight into the history of the Inn, of the profession generally, as well as the life of the bar today.

Government bodies relevant to some claims

The following organisations are referred to in the guide:

Legal Resources

Other Organisations

  • Citizens Advice Bureau helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing advice and information, and by influencing policymakers
  • Battle Back:  a charity which uses adventure training and sports rehabilitation to help seriously wounded service personnel gain independence and confidence to focus on what they can achieve, rather than what they can’t.  Supported by Help for Heroes and the MoD, Battle Back has close links to the UK Paralympics team.